"The hailfall on Sunday destroyed part of the blueberry production in Sever do Vouga, in the district of Aveiro, mainly affecting small producers, whose difficulties are aggravated by the cancellation of the Blueberry Fair…" (dinheirovivo.pt – 02/06/2020)
"The rain and hail fall in Pinhão, in the municipality of Alijó, completely destroyed some vineyards." (dn.pt – 28/05/2018)
"The bad weather crossed the district of Vila Real on Thursday and reached Viseu, dragging debris onto the roads and causing many occurrences in terms of floods and also damage to agriculture, such as in vineyards in the Douro Demarcated Region, apple orchards and vegetables." (24.sapo.pt – 07/07/2017)
Unfortunately when these natural phenomena happen, they always cause great damage in different cultures. Thinking about these situations RESTINET has developed the S09 network that allows to protect crops from the sudden fall of hail. This network with Anti-UV treatment and high mechanical resistance is the solution to a problem that unfortunately happens more and more often. Because it is not a closed mesh, it lets pass the sun rays essential for the growth of fruits and plants.  We are manufacturers, if you have any more specific needs, please consult us.